Prestel and Partner Connect

Prestel and Partner celebrating ten years

Dear Friends, Guests and Partners

Katja and I, as well as the whole team, would like to thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation with the Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum for almost 10 years.

Measured by the number of participating private Single Family Offices and buy-side only investors, Prestel & Partner is now the global leader in Family Office conferences.

Our ongoing strategy to protect your privacy by remaining 100% neutral and having the greatest integrity, is the major reason for our achievement.

This remains our focus, to deliver that private 'non-sales' environment that you, as a participant, have become accustomed to since we started ten years ago.


Take advantage of our Global Network

Over these years we have experienced an increasing demand from friends, principals and guests to help them with their quests to find the right products and services.

Since we have proven to be truly independent, and because our global network covers all asset classes, and all other relevant topics and issues related to Family Offices and UHNWI, we are perfectly placed to help: With our vast experience over the past 10 years we know those we can trust, who is reliable and where to source the best products and services.

Prestel and Partner celebrating ten years


Due to this ever-increasing demand we have decided to offer this service

Opt-in Only

Means we never actively offer you products, services or solutions.
Our conferences are safe havens of discretion, neither we nor any sellers will approach you with any offering.
So if you want our help to find the right products and services, you have to come to us!

Buy-side Only

Means we do not assist when it comes to selling.
We are neutral, we don't sell.
But we can certainly help you to buy a product or service, with the global network we have built over the past ten years.

Advisory Service

This means that we don't suddenly become advisers. No. But we know who is the best for your challenge, and we can match and connect you with them.
During ten years of running our Family Office events globally, we have met the best in class providers and Niche specialists.
Along with our team and a 30 years plus industry veteran with experience in the institutional as well as Family Office area we will match your quest to your solution. With only your best interests in mind, in the same privacy, discretion, transparency and efficiency that you are accustomed to from our conferences.

A global network of leading experts

Prestel & Partner Connect has a very robust global network of leading experts across all relevant areas for family offices for example:
  • Wealth and asset management
  • Estate planning and Next Generation
  • Investment Strategy and Implementation
  • Impact Investments
  • Private Equity, M&A and Venture Capital
  • Direct investments
  • Capital markets
  • Real estate
  • Family Governance
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Family Philanthropy
  • Yachts and private planes


This service is designed to deal with all products and services relating to Family Office and UHNWI needs, including all non-financial services - some examples are above.

This service is in the best interest of those who want our help, while at the same time reflecting and protecting Prestel & Partner’s neutrality – as a wealth owner and/or CIO, we don't offer you anything:

Unless you ask us for help at

Mail us, we are ready when you are