Below are Testimonials from the inaugural San Francisco Event 2018

Thank you for your hospitality and for a great conference! Bless you - classy, you brought truly amazing people together.
Patrick Reynolds

Thank you again for orchestrating a wonderful conference last week in San Francisco. I found the program, presentations, pace, and participants outstanding and of great value. I am particularly appreciative of the participant dynamic. I believe you curated the group with maximum effect. A well thought out balance of vendors and families/offices. I look forward to participating in future Prestel and Partner forums.
Michael Adam Smith, Founder & Managing Partner, Braeburn Family Office

The Prestel & Partner conference in San Francisco was such a pleasure: Lovely group of people and the overall feeling was great: “it feels like being with family”.
Dr. Ronit Meshie Mai Lami, PhD, Individual & Family Wealth Psychology Across Generations

Delighted to attend your first conference in San Francisco – congratulations on its huge success. I know Prestel is very well established in Europe and elsewhere and I have now no doubt that you will be a leader in the US.  I have been to a few other FO conferences in the US: Your high bar made your conference outstanding; highest caliber and excellent.
Anula Jayasuriya, MD PhD

Thank you for the incredible experience and opportunity to meet such amazing people!  It was truly fantastic.
Noor Sweid, Global Ventures

A great event  - I enjoyed it and learned a lot from the other speakers
Matthew C. Le Merle, Managing Partner, Fifth Era & Keiretsu Capital

Thank you so much for a very educational summit.
Bijan Foroodian, MPI

You gathered together a really incredible group of people. I was impressed by everyone I met. Thank you so much!
Haben Girma, Esq., Disability Rights Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Forbes 30 Under 30

Congratulations on a successful event: The attendees and I really enjoyed the conference -- all from the presentations to the networking sessions.
Mary A. Haile, Marketing, Facebook

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to participate in your event. We found this to be very well run and productive!
Ron LaVelle, Seiler LLP

Prestel & Parent's San Francisco Conference was the best family office I have ever attended.  Every family office, whether from the Bay Area, Europe and Asia, was represented by their head/leader, and each was extraordinarily open to discussions about social impact, philanthropy and my area of expertise, real estate.  I am actively recommending their conferences to all my family office contacts and clients.
Jason Sander, Founding Principal, SandCap LLC (global real estate equity capital advisor)

Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic event this week. I sincerely enjoyed myself--it was the perfect combination of learning, networking.....and fun!
Matthew McGarvey, Co-Founder/Partner,  xylemcap

Your San Francisco event was excellent. Thank you for having me.
Rupert Boswall Senior Partner RPC