London Family Office Conference

Family Office Forum, London 2019 Edition

The Speakers

We are currently busy working on the 2019 forum programme. Should you wish to be involved in a prestigious speaking capacity, please let us know. 

The Family Office Forum London is the meeting of genuine* private Family Offices and UHNWIs based in the UK and beyond.
11 - 12 October 2014: 102 Family Offices and UHNWI met, see this event´s brochure
15 - 16 September 2015: 142 Family Offices and UHNWI met, see the last event´s brochure
4 - 5 October 2016: 138 Family Offices and UHNWI met, see the last event´s brochure
3 - 4 October 2017: 149 Family Offices and UHNWI met, see the last event's brochure

25 - 26 September 2019: Join us when 140+ genuine* Family Offices and UHNWIs meet!

The Family Office Forum London has a simple formula:
More Family Officers and Principals on stage than solution providers.
More Family Officers and Principals in the audience than solution providers.

Expect 140+ UHNWIs, private Family Offices; Principals and their C-suite executives attending.

No product presentations or specific pitches - topics covered are key issues such as
1. Family Governance or Operations in the Ballroom.
2. CIO roundtables (trends and "how to", no products!) in the Roundtable Room. 
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The Marquis of Bowmont

CEO of Capstar
Principal of the Duke of Roxburghe Family Office

Lord Bowmont (Charlie) is the CEO and co founder of Capstar, a firm which specialises in security and secure driving services in the UK and Europe..............

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    Charlie has a background in the British Armed Forces, having served as a Captain in the Blues and Royals for five years in the UK, Africa and the Middle East. On leaving the Army Charlie worked at the Good Governance Group and Jaguar Land Rover.

    Charlie is the heir to the Dukedom of Roxburghe and their family office which has divisions in investments, commercial and residential property, agriculture and leisure assets. Educated at Eton, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Karam Hinduja

S.P Hinduja Family Office and Founder of Timeless Media

Karam Hinduja is the Founder and CEO of New York-based Timeless Media a group of uniquely specialized companies with a shared focus on redefining long-term value creation in the future of media and investing.............

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    Timeless focuses on building, operating, and investing in businesses across a range of industries including media, healthcare, financial services and, fintech. Notable investments include Monese , Hyperloop One , Hungry , Eight Sleep , and Dumbstruck.

    Launched in 2017, Timeless Media’s principal property is Karma, an original OTT media network Through this digital, subscription-based intelligence hub, Karma provides forward-focused investors with data-driven, action-oriented video content informed by an elite network of global investors and operators who are strategically tapped to provide real-time intelligence on private market opportunities and identify investable global macroeconomic trends.

    Karam is the grandson of Indian-born British business magnate, investor, and philanthropist S.P. Hinduja , who is the primary shareholder and chairman of the Hinduja Group, the intercontinental business empire that is one of the largest diversified groups in the world. With his grandfather's support, Karam is leveraging the Hinduja family’s 150 years worth of accumulated legacy experience in buying, building, operating, and investing in businesses on a global scale.

    Under S.P’s tutelage Karam has envisioned Timeless not only as a structure to continue the legacy of his grandfather's work but also as a vehicle to continue creativity and innovation in business for the next 100 years.

    Karam also maintains a seat on the board of Hinduja Bank Middle East, one of the family’s legacy businesses. As the fourth-generation voice of UK/India conglomerate Hinduja Bank, Karam is poised to assume a leadership role in the next course of the institution’s growth. Hinduja also sits as an advisory positions with Hungry Marketplace and Zeno Ventures .

Jim Mellon

British billionaire businessman

Jim Mellon is a British entrepreneur and investor with a wide range of interests.............

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    Through his private investment company, Burnbrae Group, he has substantial real estate holdings in Germany and the Isle of Man, as well as holdings in private and public companies.

    Jim’s investment philosophy is underpinned by his ability to recognise emerging trends that give rise to new industries or major shifts in markets.

    These trends which often turn into “money fountains” have included the financial crisis of 2008-2009, as foreseen in first book Jim co-authored entitled Wake Up!, and subsequently in the new science and technologies detailed in Cracking the Code and Fast Forward. Jim’s next money fountain is the field of longevity, and is outlined in the book Juvenescence.

    For decades, scientist have quietly been working away to understand the fundamental mechanisms of ageing. As a result of this progress, scientists have been reproducibly altering the rates of ageing and maximum life span in animal models. These discoveries are being translated into humans and will soon give rise to the largest industry on the planet.

    Jim and his partners have now set up Juvenescence Limited, a company developing therapies for aging and the diseases of ageing, to capitalise on this money fountain.

    Jim sits on the Board of Trustees of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, he is also a trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation and Lifeboat Foundation and is an Honorary Fellow of Oriel College at the University of Oxford.

Lucius von Bethmann

Lucius von Bethmann, born in 1995, descendent of the Bethmann banking family.............

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    He holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the KIT after spending two years on a British Boarding school. During his Gap year he completed an internship at a forestry consulting firm; Boscor Forst GmbH, Bethmann Bank and at an automotive supplier; Vorwerk Autotec. He is currently working on a prestigious bordelaise wine estate to fulfil a dream and to ace his third fluent language. Lucius is an ambitious rower and competed in national competitions.

Lord Anthony St John of Bletso

Lord St John of Bletso, aged 61, Crossbench member of the House of Lords since 1978..............

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    Qualified in law. Currently Chairman of several Public and Privately listed companies. Has recently served on the House of Lords Ad Hoc Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

Martin Schoeller
Managing Director
Schoeller Group GmbH
Desert Food Foundation

After 2 years as production manager in Brazil, Martin Schoeller is leading since 1982 together with his brother Christoph Schoeller the Schoeller Group GmbH in Munich/Pullach.............

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    Since then the brothers developed the Schoeller Group from an Engineering Office for bottle crates to the international market leader for reusable packaging with at present approx 5000 employees.

    The activities of the group focus on the Sustainable Supply Chain. By the re-use of packaging at the same time cost- and environment advantages are being realized. With the principle Reduce – Reuse – Recycle the Schoeller Group today is saving millions of tons of CO2 per year. This trend can be increased even more in the future in terms of a more environmental friendly e-commerce. The developing countries need to catch-up and returnable packaging can help that this does not lead to a further increase of the avalanche of packaging waste.

    Martin Schoeller is member of various supervisory and advisory boards and among others trustee and initiator of the “Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg”, Berlin, founding sponsor of the “Biotopia” initative and co-founder of the Munich Europe Conference. Since 2011 he is Chairman of the Bavarian section of the Family Entrepreneurs, furthermore founder and board member of the Desert Food Foundation that develops the topic irrigation of deserts through solar-powered water desalination (

Aneel Ranadive
Managing Partner
Soma Capital

Early investor in Rappi, Cruise, Lendup, Embarktrucks, Astranis, Atrium, Razorpay. Family ownership of the Sacramento Kings NBA team..............

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    Founder of Tag, location sharing app backed by Facebook Cofounder Eduardo Saverin and Tim Draper. Acquired by Mark Cuban in 2015
    Head of Product at Nielsen Media Sync in San Francisco
    Co-founder of GlanceGuide, video analytics company sold to Nielsen
    Founder of BoredAt, anonymous social network backed by Redpoint Ventures
    Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America
    B.S. in Mathematics at Columbia University

Francesco Lombardo
Veritage (Canada)

For more than twenty years, Francesco Lombardo has been a family business advisor and facilitator who has worked with some of the world’s most successful and affluent families to foster a culture of Safe Space..............

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    Through his extensive work with these families, Lombardo has identified a universal connection between people’s relationship with money (Money Motto™) and the impact this has on their relationships, family, business, and legacy.

    Francesco is the founder of Veritage whose mission is to serve business families by promoting the culture of Safe Space, and supporting clients in their development of a living Family Wealth Constitution (FWC). Intended to support governance in action, a FWC holds individual family members, their relationships with each other, and the relationship they each have with their wealth, all accountable to a set of guiding principles established by the family for the family.

    Safe Space: Governance in Action is his fifth book in which he brings a new perspective to the identification and management of behavioural risk through the development of Safe Space and how emotional and psychological safety is critical to maintaining healthy family dynamics through the often difficult and inevitable processes of succession planning and wealth transition.

    Lombardo is also the co-creator and one of the leading facilitators of the recently developed Scone Project, an annual, invitation-only, experiential and interactive next-generation leadership development program for business families hosted at Scone Palace in Perth, Scotland during the month of May, now in its second year.

    Francesco is a much sought-after international speaker who has made presentations for the Milken Institute, Campden Wealth Conferences, Institutional Investor, Tiger21, various YPO/WPO chapters, and The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, among others. Television coverage of his work has included appearances on shows like Money Talks, The Morning Show and Sky News.

    Passionate and engaging, Francesco is a leading global expert on the emotional impact money and wealth has on relationships within family businesses and family office operations. He is committed to assisting families find, create, and maintain Safe Space by developing new models for cultural governance, which contribute to the stability, continuity, and sustainability of the family business enterprise, its wealth, and its legacy.

Michael Beutler
Director of Sustainability Operations

Michael Beutler joined Kering as the Director of Sustainability Operations in September 2011. Prior to Kering, Michael served 6 years at SAP in Senior Management positions including his last role as Global Director of Sustainability and Strategy for 3 years..............

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    He has worked at international corporations DHL, PWC and Ford over the last 20 years.

    During his tenure at Kering, Michael has been integral to operationalizing Kering’s comprehensive sustainability strategy. He oversees and manages a team to implement cross-cutting innovative approaches to help manage and reduce the environmental impacts from Kering’s brands. This includes being responsible for implementing the brand’s individual Environmental Profit & Loss Accounts (EP&L) which is then consolidated as a Group EP&L annually, and as a core part of the EP&L methodology development which was open-sourced in May of 2015. His team has been instrumental in embedding sustainability across all of the Group's brands and making it a key part of their business activities, as well as for being recognized by external rating agencies and publications for Kering’s sustainability programme excellence.

Dominik von Eynern
Blu Family Office

Dominik has more than 18 years of experience in financial derivatives, principal investment and business development. He comes from a business family now in the 5th generation.............

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    Dominik began his career as a structured derivatives marketer for Merrill Lynch and Nomura. He has since held senior positions at a volatility strategy hedge fund and a Swiss based asset manager. Dominik became a Partner of Blu Family Office in 2013 and manages many of our strategic and business development functions.

    Dominik holds a BA in Economics from the University of Augsburg (1997) and a Masters in Financial Engineering from the Goethe University in Frankfurt (2000).

Catherine Shiang
Managing Director

Catherine serves as Managing Director at Asia Capital Advisor, Ltd., a single family office, for the past 12 years..............

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    In this capacity she has participated in transactions from various roles, limited partner, principal and advisor with venture capital, private equity, mergers & acquisitions and long short hedge funds including: Projects of Energy Investments Corp (Panama), Sands China, Ltd. (Macau), Frontier Resource Group (then privately held, now listed on SEHK), Starr International Co. Inc. (Asia), Dragon Capital Group (Vietnam), Vision Investment Management (Hong Kong) in strategic developments and Equinox Group (Nigeria).

    She has served as a member and observer on various boards of portfolio interests, and has been seconded time to time to various organizations in special situations: She was Special Advisor to the Chairman of Equinox Group, a Nigerian based resource and real estate corporation on in bound investment projects; Special Advisor to the CEO of Sands China, Ltd., Special Advisor to the Deputy CEO of UC Rusal during their dual listing on the Securities Exchange of Hong Kong and NYSE-Euronext Paris Exchange, and Autorité des Marchés Financiers building out their compliance and institutional investor and retail programs; and Executive Advisor to the Chairman at Prudential Corporation Asia she advised on the proposed acquisition of $1.3Bn AIG Global Investments Asia Real Estate Fund portfolio.

    Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, in political science with minor in biochemistry, and Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center with election to The Tax Lawyer as Associate Editor. Catherine is admitted to the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, First Department, and U.S. Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York and the State Bar of California.

Matthew C. Le Merle
Co-founder/Managing Partner
Fifth Era
Keiretsu Capital

Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and of Keiretsu Capital - the most active early stage venture investors backing more than 175 companies a year..............

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    Matthew is an expert on corporate growth, innovation and business transformations having advised leading companies including Amazon, Cisco, eBay, Google, HP, Microsoft, PayPal and many others on growth and innovation-related issues. In the blockchain and crypto domains, Matthew is General Partner of the Keiretsu Capital Blockchain Fund of Funds and an advisor at BitBull Capital and Bitwise. He also provides advisory services through his team at Fifth Era Blockchain and is an advisor at ACX, Atlas Money, Hadron, Liquineq, and ReadyUp.

    Earlier in his career, Matthew spent 21 years as a strategy, operations and corporate finance advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, boards and executive teams with McKinsey & Company, and as a practice leader with A.T. Kearney and Monitor Group where he led both firms’ West Coast practices and at Booz & Company. He was also a corporate executive at Gap Inc. where he was SVP strategy and corporate development and SVP global marketing.

    Matthew is an adjunct professor at Singularity University, bestselling author and keynote speaker. He received a B.A. (Double First) and Master’s from Christ Church, Oxford, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was born in London, UK, and is now a dual US/UK citizen and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and London, UK with his wife, Alison Davis, and their five children.

Deepak Lalwani OBE
Lalcap Ltd

Deepak Lalwani is Chairman at Lalcap Ltd which is based in London and specialises in India investments. ...................

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    He was elected as a Member of the London Stock Exchange 30 years ago and is only one of two persons from India to have been elected. He is regarded as an authority and pre-eminent contributor on the India economic story. He is a qualified UK accountant. For over 22 years he has authored the influential "India Report".

    Deepak was honoured in New Delhi with the prestigious "Bharat Samman Pravasi Award" by the NRI Institute. He was awarded an OBE in The Queen's Birthday Honours List 2010 for services to UK's financial services. He comments on TV, radio and in the press about India and chairs and speaks at many high level seminars in the UK and at MBA programmes of major UK business schools.

Lucas Friss
Business Development

Lucas Friss is on the Business Development team at Cumberland – a DRW Company, one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in cryptoassets..............

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    Lucas joined DRW in 2016 as a trader within a specialized fixed income group and was primarily focused on U.S. Treasury Bonds and derivatives products.

    Lucas transitioned to the Cumberland team in 2017 to help support 24-hour trading operations, including trading, onboarding, and relationship management. Lucas recently relocated to London to take on an expanded role, continuing to support trading operations while working with the business development team to identify and attract new counterparties in Europe.

    Lucas earned a BA in political science from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Søren Carstens MD
Head of Clinical Operations
Bupa Global

Søren is a Medical Doctor specialising in intensive care, anaesthesia and aeromedical transport...............

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    At Bupa Global Søren is responsible for the Specialized Clinical service team based in Copenhagen handling Clinical Case Management and Medical Evacuations. His team is also serves as clinical escalation point for Bupa Global offices across the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai and Egypt and he controls the Clinical Bupa Expert Panel. Søren is dedicated to supporting his patients with the best possible care and connecting customers with specialists across the globe for a truly holistic healthcare approach.

    Prior to joining Bupa Global, Søren has had 22 years of clinical experience as a practicing consultant across Europe and the Middle East, including several years a lead flight physician.

David Jarre

David started magic when he was 10. The trigger to his passion was seeing perform Polish magician Michael Konieczny, known as Vadini.............

Dr. Ahmed Emara
Founder, Group CEO & Managing Director
ReAya Holding

Dr. Ahmed Emara is the Founder, Group CEO & Managing Director of ReAya Holding, a company he founded in 2012, that has grown from a small investment company to a group of portfolio companies across different geographies...................

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    He is Medical Doctor/Surgeon by profession, a Healthcare and Life Science Entrepreneur, a Healthcare Operator and an Investor with over 25 years of strong international exposure and operational background in managing a spectrum of multi-disciplinary companies. Dr. Emara holds a solid track record of strategizing in Private Equity Deals where he assumes the responsibility of Identifying and implementing best practices, business process assessments, mapping and process re-engineering.

    Dr. Emara steps in personally and takes over full responsibility of most of ReAya’s portfolio companies as the CEO/Managing Director. This very hands-on-approach differentiates ReAya from all other investment companies across the region. His endeavors also include developing viable investment opportunities in healthcare markets across MENA and escalating investee companies through restructuring, M&A activities, and operational reengineering.

    He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of several entrepreneurial ventures including Muse (A healthcare M&A and advisory firm), and Tech. Developers (An intellectual property commercialization venture). As a recognized Healthcare Thought Leader, Dr. Emara is a regular panelist and speaker on healthcare private equity & operational excellence at international industry conferences.

    Dr. Emara began his career in various senior management positions across Canada and the Middle East in affiliations with distinguished, intercontinental companies like Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer & Abbott.

Matthias Knab

Opalesque founder Matthias Knab is an internationally recognized and highly connected expert on hedge funds and alternative investments with three decades of experience in information technology, consulting and finance...............

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    Opalesque, the first internet based media company focusing on hedge funds and alternative investments (2003), publishes six electronic publications to a global subscriber base of over 70,000.

    The firm also produces the popular Opalesque.TV video series ( with leading hedge fund personalities like Julian Robertson, Izzy Englander and many more.

Dr. Stephan E. Knobloch


Dr. Stephan E. Knobloch is a Strategic Advisor to IOME, a private investment partnership of women principals from the Gulf with its head office in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.............

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    Additionally he is a member of b-to-v’s Investor Circle, heads his own family’s investment office since three decades, and is an advisor to several other single and multi family offices. Stephan is a serial entrepreneur in IT & Telecommunications, Automotive, Cleantech and Technology with several exits. He has over 30 years of experience in the start-up and turn-around business and played a major role at and Toll Collect. He has an education in computer science, law and economics.

Martin Schmidt, CFA
Partner and Co-Founder
Postera Capital

Martin is a Partner at Postera Capital, a leading advisory firm for blockchain and cryptoasset investing.................

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    Postera Fund - Crypto I, an Alternative Investment Fund initiated by Postera Capital, is the first fully regulated cryptoasset fund in Europe. Through this fund as well as through its consulting services, Postera Capital supports professional investors who seek exposure to the new and exciting asset class of cryptoassets.

    With more than 15 years of experience, Martin is a seasoned finance and investment professional. He started out as a business valuation specialist with EY before taking on operational finance roles in the technology sector, amongst others as CFO of an online venture. Martin is one of the five founding Partners of Postera Capital.

    Martin holds an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, a BSc in Finance and Accounting form CASS Business School in London and is a CFA Charterholder.

Christian Weber
Partner and Co-Founder
Postera Capital

Christian is a Partner at Postera Capital, a leading advisory firm for blockchain and cryptoasset investing..................

  • More

    Postera Fund - Crypto I, an Alternative Investment Fund initiated by Postera Capital, is the first fully regulated cryptoasset fund in Europe. Through this fund as well as through its consulting services, Postera Capital supports professional investors who seek exposure to the new and exciting asset class of cryptoassets.

    Christian has more than 20 years of experience in senior financial roles, amongst others as a CFO of a private equity-owned payment services provider. He is fascinated by the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and the investment opportunities that emerge in the form of cryptoassets. Christian is one of the five founding Partners of Postera Capital.

    Christian holds a business degree from the University of Bayreuth and has taken executive courses at Harvard Business School and IMD in Lausanne.

Simon Blain
Private Wealth Partner, Family
Penningtons Manches LLP

“Very good with clients … steady, thorough and easily accessible”, Simon has particular expertise in resolving complicated matrimonial finance cases...............

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    Often involving trusts, family offices, family businesses and assets in multiple jurisdictions. He also advises on complex pre- and postnuptial agreements.

    Simon is a fluent French speaker and acts for many francophone clients. He is an active member of the Franco-British Lawyers’ Society.

    Simon is also an active campaigner for family law reform. He is an elected member of the national committee of Resolution, the leading membership organisation for specialist family lawyers, and is the organisation’s treasurer. He is a member of the Centre for Child and Family Law Reform, which brings together leading academics, judges and practitioners interested in family law reform. He writes regularly for the New Law Journal.

Clare Archer
Private Wealth Partner & Head of Private Client
Penningtons Manches LLP

“One of the best in the field” with “a wonderful mixture of technical excellence and warm personality”...............

  • More

    Clare has a particular interest in family offices and frequently advises on generational planning and governance often to avoid disputes.

    She is editor in chief of ‘Family Offices - the STEP Handbook for Advisors’ which was described as ‘a must not just for external and internal advisors to business families, but also for family members themselves and everybody working with them’.

    Clare advises on capital tax planning, the administration of complex and large estates, will and trust drafting, and a wide range of asset protection and equity work.

    Listed by eprivateclient as one of the 50 Most Influential people in the private client arena and of the Top 20 Women in Private Wealth, Clare is a regular speaker at the International Bar Association and a member of the International Tax and Private Client Committee. She is also a member of STEP, the world's leading organisation for private wealth professionals, and of ACTAPS, the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists.

Menno Derks
Partner, MD Fund Investments
Sarona Asset Management

Menno is responsible for selecting, reviewing and negotiating investments in PE funds.............

  • More

    He also leads Sarona’s activities in market mapping, portfolio construction and investment monitoring. Prior to Sarona, he served as senior investment manager and investment committee member at PGGM, a large Dutch asset manager for pension funds.

    Menno also worked at FMO, a Dutch development bank, and ABN AMRO Asset Management, where he designed and launched investment funds for institutional and private clients. Menno holds a MA in Business Engineering from the University of Twente and is a CFA charter holder.

Stefano Natella
Senior Managing Director Co-Head of Equities
Guggenheim Securities

Mr. Stefano Natella is a Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Equities within Guggenheim Securities. He joined Guggenheim in 2017 as Director of Equity Research and was named Co-Head of Equities in 2018................

  • More

    Prior to joining Guggenheim, Mr. Natella was most recently at Trinetra, an investment management firm that he co-founded in London. Previously, he held several senior management roles including Global Head of Equity and Fixed Income Research at Credit Suisse, where he spent almost three decades, first as an analyst and then building out its research capabilities and platform. He also co-founded the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

    Mr. Natella is a member on the Board of Directors at the Worldfund, as well as a board member of Nutrition Coalition and Educando.

    Mr. Natella holds an M.B.A from Columbia University and an M.A. in Electronic and Bio-Medical Engineering from the University of Florence in Italy.

Craig Kemsley
Partner, Head of Tax and Legacy
Calibrate Law Limited

Craig has advised international families and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Craig works with eminent families deploying offshore capital within the UK or to third jurisdictions..............

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    Craig has assisted families establish their UK offices, advised on the investment and divestment of supremely valuable assets and has also structured investment clubs between families. Craig often deals with cross border and multi-jurisdictional transactions involving families or family members investing in business assets, real estate or financial assets. The taxation of non-UK domiciliaries (‘non-doms’) is an area of particular interest to Craig.

    Craig recently joined Calibrate Law which is a new and specialist law firm focussed on delivering most of the legal needs of the wealthy family through a triumvirate of services: legal counsel and litigation, tax and legacy, and family. Uniquely, Calibrate Law was co-founded by the principal of an active London based SFO.

    Craig is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and a Certified Tax Advisor. Craig was previously Head of the London Private Client Tax practice at Grant Thornton and a tax partner at Deloitte internationally.

Chris Horler
Head of Real Estate
Arbuthnot Latham & Co

Chris is a Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years of experience in the UK, European and Indian real estate and finance markets..............

  • More

    He previously built up and ran a European real estate fund and finance platforms. Chris has extensive experience in both UK and international markets. Having a track record in origination, underwriting, financing and deal execution has enabled Chris to successfully establish and cultivate a wide network of advisors, accountants and lawyers within the industry.

    Chris has demonstrated his expertise in spotting market opportunities, developing and implementing strategy, structuring debt, mezzanine and equity as well as whole loan products. He benefits from a broad experience in management at a senior level, having built cross border teams for both banks and a private family. His current role has involved creating the business plan, hiring the team, delivering a commercial real estate debt team, as well as establishing a Jersey based fund management business.

    Chris benefits from a wide range of experience having worked in Corporate, Private Equity and Advisory/Consultancy. These varied roles have equipped Chris with valuable management experience and insight into the whole business process from start up to business maturity. Having lived and operated in a number of different countries has enabled Chris to understand different jurisdictions and the cultural aspects that this brings. Given Chris’s extensive experience in real estate investment and the finance industry, he has gained a rounded perspective from both a client and financial service provider which has been beneficial in bringing clarity to the complex and changing market place.

Ruth Lea
Economic Adviser to
Arbuthnot Latham & Co

Ruth Lea CBE has been Arbuthnot Banking Group’s Economic Adviser since 2007 and was an Independent Non-Executive Director from 2005-2016...............

  • More

    Ruth co-founded Global Vision in 2007 and was Director until 2010, and was previously the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies (from 2004 to 2007), Head of the Policy Unit at the Institute of Directors (from 1995 to 2003) and Economics Editor at ITN (from 1994 to 1995). Prior to ITN she was Chief UK Economist at Lehman Brothers, Chief Economist at Mitsubishi Bank, worked for 16 years in the Civil Service (the Treasury, the DTI, the Civil Service College and the Central Statistical Office) and was an economics lecturer at Thames Polytechnic (now the University of Greenwich).

    She is the author of many papers and articles on economic issues and has been a Governor of the London School of Economics and Council Member of the University of London.

Jan-Christoph Herbst
Absolute Return Team

Jan-Christoph Herbst has been working at MainFirst since 2013..............

  • More

    As a member of the Absolute Return Team, which oversees the two mutual funds MainFirst Global Equities Fund and MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset, he is jointly responsible for the tactical control of the equity quota as well as the evaluation of technical indicators.

    He graduated with a degree in International Finance with a quantitative focus from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and UC Santa Barbara.

Paul Pybus
Head of fiduciary Partner
Adjure Global Limited

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in offshore financial services, he joined Adjure Global Limited in 2010 where he established Adjure Global’s Wealth solutions offering...............

  • More

    The offering developed quickly and now sees clients being serviced in over 26 Jurisdictions with wide ranging services being provided. In 2014 the service offering was extended to insurance management, this was initially focused on offering “self-insurance” to SME’s or wealthy individuals, essentially allowing them to share in the profit should an insurance claim not occur.

    The offshore market place is changing and Paul prides himself on being able to adapt to the changing client needs, which includes new innovative structuring as well as going back to basics. He always looks at matters to determine whether they have been over complicated and could be simplified whilst still achieving the same goals. This normally leads to lower costs for clients as well as structures that they can understand and explain to others.

    Paul, with the knowledge and help of his team, currently advises family offices, private individuals as well as corporates on areas including, family governance, generational planning, offshore structuring, private insurance companies as well as managing family disputes and corporate restructuring.

    The culture which has been instilled in my team is one of understanding the clients and getting to know them, for this reason we are always happy to talk to people to understand their needs. This not only assists them, but it allows us to develop our knowledge about the market place and what we need to be looking at to ensure we continue to service and advice our clients appropriately.

Richard Joynt
Executive Director

Richard is a key member of our Family Office practice and specialises in the provision of services for ultra-high net worth families................

  • More

    He qualified as a Chartered Accountant working in Jersey, Australia and New Zealand prior to founding and managing a high profile, full service single family office for over a decade. During that time Richard also completed his MBA through the Warwick Business School. Richard merged that single family office with Ocorian (previously Bedell Trust) in 2013. Since that time the Ocorian family office practice has grown substantially and now includes a number of ultra-high net worth families of various nationalities with assets held globally.

    He has over 20 years' experience in setting up and managing high value and complex inter-generational wealth structures including Private Trust Companies, Trusts, Foundations and companies as well as being closely involved in his clients worldwide philanthropic affairs.

    Richard also has considerable experience in managing a variety of asset classes particularly private equity, luxury assets including jets and superyachts and other portfolio investments. He also has considerable experience with charitable and philanthropic services.

    Richard and his team were recently awarded an Excellence Award for Multi-Family Office of the year and were short-listed for the STEP multi-family office of the year. He, personally, is acknowledged in the "Honours List" in the "Leading Trustees" category in the 2016 and 2015 Citywealth Leaders List. He speaks at various events on family office matters and regularly contributes to leading publications.

Dr. Roni(t) Meshie Mai Lami

Dr. Roni(t) Meshie Mai Lami is an internationally renowned expert on the psychology of money, success and relationships..............

Konstantin Sidorov
London Technology Club

Konstantin Sidorov is an international entrepreneur and investor.............

  • More

    He is founder of London Technology Club, founder and chairman of the board of directors of RRC Group and co-founder and member of the board of directors of Inline Technologies Group. He is also member of the board of directors of Channel Mechanics (Ireland), co-founder and member of the board of directors of Kasperskian AG (Switzerland), and investor into various technology start-ups.

    Konstantin is a graduate of St. Petersburg Military Engineering Institute, New York University and the London School of Economics. He has received a number of professional awards including Top Profit Award (1998 – 2006).

Michael Breman
Sales Director
Lürssen Yachts

Born in New Zealand with a Dutch nationality, then lived in Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Germany, Michael Breman can be described as a multi-cultural, speaking five languages fluently..............

  • More

    Throughout his childhood, sailing boats of various sizes always belonged to his life. During his Atlantic College time in South Wales he helped build what was at that time the world’s largest rigid hull inflatable. Later on Michael made his first practical yachting experience -other than a user- as (the only) deckhand on a beautiful 27 meter Esterel.

    Coincidences took him to Saudi Arabia to work for a capital goods trading company based in Jeddah as marketing manager. After seven years fate brought him in 1991 to Italy, where he joined Baglietto, once a builder of the finest sailing yachts but then (as now) an eminent builder of fast motoryachts.

    In 1995 Michael met Peter Lürssen and joined his company on the German Riviera where he has been ever since and where he successfully handles the sales of the largest yachts in the world.

Martin Baum
Managing Director
Pantaenius Yacht Insurance

Martin Baum has been the managing director of Pantaenius since 2006.............

  • More

    He studied at the London School of Economics, graduating with a Masters in IT systems. Subsequently, he joined the family company in 2002. His achievements have included notable developments within the Pantaenius group, especially in the fields of IT, sales and marketing. Martin started his career with a major restructuring of the Pantaenius IT department; he implemented a client service program with an automated enquiry form that shortened response times to clients to a minimum and created Europe’s first online yacht insurance provider, that today is still very successful.

    He studied at the London School of Economics, graduating with a Masters in IT systems. Subsequently, he joined the family company in 2002. His achievements have included notable developments within the Pantaenius group, especially in the fields of IT, sales and marketing. Martin started his career with a major restructuring of the Pantaenius IT department; he implemented a client service program with an automated enquiry form that shortened response times to clients to a minimum and created Europe’s first online yacht insurance provider, that today is still very successful.

    He also increased market share by widening international co-operation with boat builders, dealers and sub-brokers; plus developed a new superyacht team, which operates in Europe, Australia and USA. During his thirteen years to date as managing director, Martin Baum has directed the company to go beyond the borders of Europe and to become the only globally installed yacht insurance specialist acting in ten languages worldwide.

Jason Drew
Environmental Capitalist

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, passionate environmentalist and futurist who argues that industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun.............

  • More

    Based on this he has developed a clear vision and blueprint for business in the 21st century.

    He is an inspirational business leader of this nascent revolution. Currently CEO of AgriProtein, he has started and invested in some remarkable business, from the world’s largest insect farms, to an empowering and profitable toilet business in the slums of Africa as well as a company that is set to replace the pesticide industry.

    Jason takes business thinking, vision and action – he looks for profitable game changing solutions to the new business paradigms we face. Turning accepted business concepts and models upside down as he looks at business today from the perspective of the future.

    His closed systems thinking approach to his own business makes his companies profitable yet simple and brilliant.

    Described by Forbes Magazine as 'Lord of the Flies’ and Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, he is a realist with a no-nonsense business focused approach to fixing our problems.

    Honorary Consul general for Pakistan in South Africa, he was also awarded the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa and the CleanEquity award by HSH Prince Albert of Moncao.

Christina Ulardic
Head Market Development Africa
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Ltd

Christina Ulardic heads the Business Development for Environmental and Commodity Markets, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions with focus on technology, new products and innovation............

  • More

    She was responsible for the Market Development Africa leading origination efforts in weather, agriculture and energy risk transfer; clients being investors, financial service companies, corporate and public sector entities.

    Christina works in impact investing being an angel investor herself. She dedicates time to co-creating innovative businesses, such as Blooom, a digital farm to fork platform serving the entire agri value chain.

    Christina sits on the Advisory Board of the Impact Hub Zurich and Fairtrasa and on the Board of Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy. She is a jury member of Venture Kick Switzerland and Mentor in the MassChallenge program.

    Christina received her Master of Science, Geology from the University of Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. Before joining Swiss Re she worked for the Geological Survey in Chile, the climate change program of the United Nations Institute of Training and Research in Geneva and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment in Berlin. In 2004 she obtained a Master of Public Administration at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

Lyn Lyons

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lynette Lyons completed her training with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 2001 as a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.............

  • More

    Having built up a successful Practice in Glasgow for over seventeen years, working with clients on Business and Personal matters, she has been featured in several media publications on the success of her work. There have been many reviews written by her private clients on how she seems to have a natural gift at understanding people and how to solve their emotional obstacles in order to achieve more success.

    Lyn will speak from the heart to give some genuine authentic advice on how valuable your emotional health is and how, quite often, business matters and financially driven projects can derail your attention from this.

    As an advisor to the Scottish Police, she hosts workshops on PTSD, self belief and taking control of your emotional state amongst other subjects. Mainly, Lyn works with private clients on a one to one on how to access more of the brain’s capacity through the subconscious mind to find that inner power. Delegates who have attended Lyn’s previous events say that she is engaging and genuine as she speaks with emotion and passion in a way that reaches your inner emotions.

Joanne Sawicki
Founder, CEO
Cerescom, UK

Joanne is a digital health and media pioneer with a passion to invest in and promote businesses that are profitable whilst “doing good”...............

  • More

    An award-winning journalist and television producer, (News Ltd, Channel 9 Australia, BBC, and Sky TV) , Joanne was founder and Chief Executive of Channel Health – the UK’s first health website and interactive television channel which floated on Aim in 2000 and sold in 2003. The channel had 8 million viewers a month and launched the digital pilots for the UK Government which subsequently became NHS Choices.

    She was a finalist in the 2000 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

    Joanne, subsequently founded of Ceres (, which provides communciation strategy, and digital media services to the family office, government, corporate NGO and charity sectors. Clients include: Ernst & Young, EADS, HSBC Insurance, Assura Group, Princes Trust, Kleinwort Benson, Private Family Offices and the Charities Aid Foundation. Joanne is an non-executive director of Laboratories Isocell SA whose patented anti-ageing SOD melon enzyme Glisodin, is marketed internationally She is an advisor to Asian Multi Channel Network, Thoughtful Media (, organic chocolate company, spray dried blood plasma company Velico Medical ( and India’s leading wholistic health centre,

Derek Munro
Yacht Consultancy Ltd

Derek Munro is the Owner of Yacht Consultancy Ltd, an independent service provider for the construction of new Yachts.............

  • More

    Derek is also the Chairperson of Superyacht Charities set up in 2015, with 4 industry associates as Trustees.

    Yacht Consultancy has been in operation since 2004 during which time we have been involved in numerous yacht build projects at yards in Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.

    We have acted as the Owners Representative for numerous motor and sailing yacht projects of various sizes.

    The latest project is the recently launched SY Black Pearl at 106m. She is currently the largest privately-owned sailing yacht.

    Not only is she the largest sailing yacht but the technology integrated onboard makes her the greenest yacht currently sailing the worlds oceans.

    Derek Munro grew up in Malaysia, the Solomon Island and New Zealand.

    Educated in New Zealand where I studied Agricultural Economics at Massey University. After university I spent two years working in Management, Design and Sales before heading off to get some Overseas Experience.

    With a university friend I back packed across Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and then through Israel and Egypt.

    I landed my first job on a sailing yacht out of Eilat, Israel heading for Spain in 1986. Since then I have sailed to many wonderful places as the Captain / Engineer. I have crossed all Oceans and a number of the worlds seas.

    Life at sea as a Captain/Engineer finished after the arrival of our first daughter. It was then I moved ashore working for an Engineering firm in Auckland as part of their design and sales team to all the ship yards in New Zealand.

    On returning to Europe in 2004 I started consulting and working in the role of Owners Representative / Project Manager.

Ali Al-Hakim
Dipl. Ing. TU Berlin CEO and CO-Founder
Boreal Light GmbH

Graduated from prestigious Technical University of Berlin, and after spending half a decade of extensive R&D services of highly sophisticated electro-mechanic machineries.............

  • More

    Mr. Ali Al-Hakim focused his work on the new generation of water desalination machines. Co-founding Boreal Light GmbH in 2014 in Berlin, Mr. Al-Hakim has designed and manufactured one of the most simple and highly affordable solar desalination system with great chance of operating safely in the most remote parts of the world.

    At Boreal Light GmbH, Mr. Al-Hakim has developed both technologies of drinking water supply and irrigation water supply for the off-grid parts of the planet. Establishing WaterKiosk Ltd has been the most recent initiative co-founded by Mr. Al-Hakim in East Africa to secure the access of local communities to products and services offered by Boreal Light GmbH.

    The high technical knowledge of Mr. Al-Hakim, along his strong management skill make him always a great candidate to give speech in whatever events focusing on development and sustainability of the unprivileged parts of the world.

Dott. Ing. Maurizio Totta

Impact Investor

Maurizio Totta was born in Torino, and graduated in mechanical engineering at the Technical University there.............

  • More

    He is fluent in Italian, German, French, English, Spanish, and is currently perfecting his Portuguese.
    He also has a CHPL (Commercial Helicopter Pilot License).
    While he was finishing his studies, he started working for the family real estate company in Austria.

    Through a series of buyouts, the group became the main owner of Europe’s largest Shopping Mall, the SCS, Shopping City Süd near Vienna. He was the CEO of the SCS Holding AG from 1995 until May 2008, when the company was sold to Unibail-Rodamco.

    Since 2010, while still involved in some commercial real estate projects, he has been focussing his activities on impact investments in biotech, renewable energy, sustainable forestry and land development in Europe and South America.


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