Dubai Family Office Conference

Thank you all for having me at this fantastic event. It was a great success for me because I met really interesting, committed and engaged people, who were able to share and give insight into ways to improve the work I am doing.The atmosphere was at once relaxed and serious, such that it enabled us to address the issues but at the same time enjoy each others company. For me,  a very successful event all round.
Dr Auma Obama

Let me please thank you for inviting me to participate in the Family Office Forum. It was exactly as you said it would be and I found it very stimulating and encouraging. Your reputation for finding influential 'can do' people who need to communicate with each other is certainly not exaggerated. It is indeed very important work that you do. Again, thank you, it was a real pleasure to meet you and your wonderful team. With warmest regards,
Viscount Chris Portman, Principal, Portman Estate

The Prestel events are the best of all the conferences I attend. The quality of the speakers, content, attendees and food is first class. Enjoyed your London Dorchester conference very much. With many thanks,
Ian W Rice, Principal

Was a fascinating event with thought provoking presentations and an array of sector specialists in attendance. You could not have provided a more welcoming atmosphere.
Alex Loudon, Principal

My first events ever were the 1980 MAR conference in Tucson, Texas and the 1981 and 1982 “Customer Yacht Club” events held by Conti in Acapulco (via Concorde from Paris) and Cozumel. Ever since I have attended and presented at Monaco, Paris, London, Zurich, Geneva . . . As a speaker as well as an investor during the last 35 years I have never experienced such excellence as the one you magically produced!
Peter Panholzer, DynexCorp

An extraordinary forum. The participants were of an exceptionally high calibre. The presentations were highly entertaining and most relevant.
Scott & Carmen Young, Gemini Capital Consulting Ltd

This was my first Prestel Conference and I must say it was the best Family Office conference I have attended. The quality of the speakers and topics was fantastic, the networking opportunity in between speakers was really good as there were genuine FO’s represented there and not just product salesmen. The venue and quality of the food was first class. 
Richard Jaffee, Single Family Office Principal

I wanted to congratulate you for the amazing event you organized in London. It was most interesting and most appreciated by all participants I could speak to. Very very well done! Thank you and see you soon,
Daniele Bartoccioni-Menconi, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

Congratulations - very well organized, everything went smoothly and the organizers were discretely in the background in the most positive sense. The sessions were intriguing and provided interesting food for thought. But what I was most impressed with was the quality of the attendants. Only a very few service providers but plenty of Principals and investors of all sorts with a variety of international background. I enjoyed the many conversations very much. So, in short, it were two days well invested - definitely an event I can recommend without hesitation! Once again, thank you
András Gosztonyi, Qantara GCC

Thank you for an excellent event - great topics and likeminded people. It was worth it to fly all the way for that. I look forward your next events. Sincerely,
Tiia Rohelsaar

I had a wonderful time attending the Prestel Family Office Forum. The event was very well organised. I also found all the speakers truly engaging. It is my first time this year and I’d be delighted to attend your event again in the near future.
Tram Anh Nguyen, Niveda Group

The Platinum of all Family Office Summits, two spectacular days. The highest standard of excellent in every way imaginable!
Wendy Coumantaros 

Thank you so much for two excellent days. What wonderful company, interesting topics and all in such excellent surroundings.
Edward Hoare

The discussions were deeply researched, the topics relevant, the journey meaningful and the operations seamless. All throughout the conference I heard high praise from the attendees about the conference. There is a reason you are the power house of Family Office Forums globally and every delegate a true believer!
Aradhana Khowala, CEO & Founder, Aptamind Partners

Brilliant, informative and refreshingly different! Thank you,
Dominik von Eynern, Principal

Excellent organized conference with a very good mix of UHNWI, Family Offices, Experts and Sponsors / Partners. A big thank you,
Axel Brahm 

The forum, by far and large, exceeded my expectations. Informative, fruitful and engaging.  I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with like-minded families and look forward to exploring opportunities with them moving forward. I have been to several family office events in the past where service providers and sponsors have tarnished the ambience of the event. However, the balance across the spectrum was perfect at this forum.  
Tani Dulay, Woodbourne Group

With most conferences you hope that they are at least a bit worth the time you spend there – with your conferences I am always sure that all the time I spend there is enlightening, interesting and absolutely worth it.
Ida Beerhalter, IOME Family Office

Congratulations on an excellent event. It was in a great location with mostly fascinating speakers covering a wide range of topics that had something for everyone. Of course it is the people that make the event and the eclectic mixture made it a very interesting couple of days.
Julius Bozzino

Many thanks for organising such a wonderful conference over the last two days. I thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers and met some interesting people.
Julia de Boinville 

A big thank you for the conference last week. It was very interesting and good to catch-up with a number of familiar faces one normally doesn´t see on events! Kind regards,
JJ Jardine-Paterson, Principal

I just wanted to both congratulate and thank you for an excellent event this week. As someone who has worked both within a Family Office and on the provider side of the fence, I thought that the topics were a refreshing change from many conferences, and provided delegates with a lot of food for thought and challenge as to what they and their Family Offices could do and might want to consider doing. The organisation was superb and hassle free and I very much enjoyed meeting, speaking to and listening to many of the people who attended.
Peter Coulthard, Ernst & Young

I have been to numerous conferences over my career and the event last week definitely ranked at the top of the list. The speakers were very interesting and the networking opportunities incredibly helpful and productive. I spoke with many other first-time attendees and they felt similarly. Regards,
Eric Kolodner, Armacom 

My thanks for the Forum. I found the content and speakers of great interest and marvelled at how the whole event ran on time.
Stuart Thomson, Harrods Bank Ltd

I could not be more impressed with the Family Office Forum in London you organised. It was amazing and beautifully delivered in every aspect. Warmest wishes,
Caroline Curtis Dolby. Ad.Dip. Psychotherapy. RCN. NCS. BACP.EFT.

Thank you for including me. I much enjoyed the two days which from my perspective just got better and better and had a super opportunity to network. Best wishes,
Rosemary Norris, Advisor SFO

Thanks a lot and my congratulation for a perfect organization and quality contents: All the attendants have been very happy about the conference! Best,
Prof. Walter Zocchi, University Milano

A huge thank you: What great speakers and a lovely environment. The Forum went as swimmingly well. It has stimulated all sorts of thoughts at our end, let´s cooperate. Very best wishes
Amy Clarke, Head of Private Clients, CAF Philanthropy Services

Sincere congratulations to you on a real tour de force of event: Phenomenally impressive is no exaggeration. Thank you for the opportunity to have taken part. It was a privilege. Best regards,
Toby Akroyd

Congratulations for the event! It was well organized, everything went smoothly and the organizers were discretely in the background in the most positive sense. The sessions I attended were intriguing and provided interesting food for thought. But what I was most impressed with was the quality of the attendants. Only a very few service providers but plenty of Principals and investors of all sorts with a variety of international background I enjoyed the many conversations very much. So, in short, it were two days well invested - definitely an event I can recommend without hesitation! Once again, thank you,
András Gosztonyi

Successful event all round, with an exciting audience, great topics, special speakers and fruitful conversations - we look forward to the next event!
Constantin Freiherr von Wendt

Top organised and most interesting topics!
Nadine Maier, Teamhead Central Europe Key Clients, Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA

Indeed a great event, with a good balance between contents and networking
Alessandro Caldana, Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd

Hands down the best FO event ever! The P&P Zurich conference was outstanding in a crowded field of family office events. The notable feature is multiple topic tracks with top notch speakers who are rare on the circuit. There were also many families in attendance, making the networking very worthwhile. P&P is effective at vetting to ensure the right people are in the room. The venue, the Dolder Grand, was fantastic and conducive to having private chats as well as mingling. Excellent!
Steffi Claiden, Family Office Review

By far the finest family office conference I have ever attended. Strongly recommended!
Ozi Amanat, CIO SFO

The ratio of Investors/Providers was very good, such was the high quality of audience, and great location with premium service.
Philipp von Königsmarck, Fidelity

The FO Forum was excellent. Organization perfect and the audience, especially the large number of principals, was impressive. Thank you very much for inviting us and please keep us posted on your future events.
Heiner Weber, SFO

Thank you for the very warm hospitality and the efficiency in which the conference was held. I was very impressed and I really enjoyed the academic exchanges and the atmosphere for conference members to interact and to get to know each other.  I very much look forward to attending all future Prestel & Partners Family Office Forums.
Sebastian Pech, BTV Group SFO

The laidback yet very professional ambiance appealed a lot to me, such as the ability to choose from a variety of very interesting presentations
Bruno Sidler, globalOne ag SFO

As a 20 year veteran of the wealth management business from the FO side of the aisle, I have actively participated in many a conference and would consider your program truly outstanding… top of what I have ever attended. The setting was spectacular, accommodations superb, food outstanding but most importantly the attendees – representing a global audience of families – were outgoing/candid/interesting and enjoyable to spend time with! Congrats on a terrific job…well done!
Stephen McCarthy, Family Investment Office

Great success! Very well organised. Tight schedule. Brilliant ambiance. Communicative participants. Interesting and rewarding exchange with both peers and well behaving solution providers. Looking forward to your next event!
Stephan Gerwert, Rigi Family Office

A great event, wonderful program, many fruitful conversations, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I look forward to the future events. Thank you!
Lisa Dyson

I am very grateful having been invited. The choice of topics, the expertise of the speakers and the networking was excellent. I went home with many new ideas and concepts and have had interesting new contacts which I will follow-up on. Kind regards
Michael Hamke, SFO

Prestel and Partner did a great job fostering collaboration around shared interest and respect – creating relationships in a short period of time, with people from different countries, backgrounds and perspectives.
Josh Cohen, SFO

A large number of family offices that presented different views in various sectors. Excellent speakers and very positive the fact that many CEOS, Principals attended the event. It was also positive that there were different sessions each hour, so that we could choose from.
Marios Rafail, Henley & Partners Switzerland AG

I enjoyed the Family Office Forum more than other conferences for Family Offices. The atmosphere was very good, it was truly international and I had many interesting discussions with people from all over the world. Tobias Prestel and his team were again successful in broadening the subject matters of presentations and discussions – and Zurich was a nice place to be.
Klaus Demleitner, Compliance Consulting

Great conference with great attendees in a super location! Those who I spoke with, both Family Officers, UHNWI and solution providers alike were interesting, approachable and interested in what I had to offer them.
Paul Wilson, ShareGain

I want to thank you for your kind invitation to participate at the Family Office Forum.  I truly enjoyed the 2 days and I found every moment worthwhile (and I go to many conferences).  You guys did a great job of organizing the event and the participants were also fantastic.
David Chen, Angelvest Shanghai

I very much enjoyed the Family Office Forum. Not only that you found the nearly perfect place for a meeting like that, but the very good programm as well as the number and quality of participants have been impressing. I got in contact to a number of interesting people, I'd otherwise would never meet at all.
Dieter Grosenick, M.M.Warburg & CO

On behalf of Dubai Economic Council (the “Council”) I would like to extend our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks for our participation in the event “Family Office Forum”.  We acknowledge and appreciate your unwavering support to the government of Dubai in working towards improving business practice among family offices which play a pivotal role in the local and regional economy.

The feedback from the Forum has been extremely positive and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to share our expertise with the attendees.  All responses have been enthusiastic about the content and the overall quality of the conference, which is undoubtedly tied to Prestel & Partner’s wealth of knowledge.  Thank you for sharing your professional expertise and host such a successful event. 
Tarek Hijjiri, Dubai Economic Council

Thank you and congratulations for delivering a fantastic event! 
Billy Canellas, Porto Montenegro

A superbly organised event in a first class venue. The atmosphere created by the Prestel team lent itself to interactive discussion rather than formal presentation and the networking opportunity was invaluable.  I will be back!
Del Huse, Roycian Limited

Thank you for your support during the conference, which was a very big success. Looking forward to collaborate on more events to come.
Mario Kozma, Tyrus Capital

An excellent event and great value for us!
Mehul Goradia, Director, Minerva Trust Middle East DMCC