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A wealth of experience and specialist skills.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals represent the leading talent in their individual field. Coordinated by the two Managing Directors Katja Mülheim and Tobias Prestel, we combine the essential German qualities - substance, efficiency and precision - with London’s world leading international business expertise.


Katja Muelheim holds a master in business economics and worked for 12 years in leading functions within the German Savings banking sector. After moving to London in 2009 she led the marketing effort for German speaking Europe at an international Conference company.

I look forward to doing business with you!
Katja Mülheim
Managing Director



Tobias Prestel has over 30 years international experience as an Entrepreneur, Publisher and Conference Director.

My focus is on clear solutions. Prestel & Partners deliver just that: exclusive, specialist solutions. Thank you for reading about us!
With best regards,
Tobias Prestel
Managing Director



Charlotte Marlow has 20 years' experience in publishing and events in the energy, maritime and luxury brand sectors. After working in media for 10 years in Dubai, Charlotte now spends her time between working at Prestel & Partner and riding her beloved horses.


“Our conferences are unique as we clearly delineate between service providers and family offices. I look forward to working with you!”
Best Regards,

Charlotte Marlow
Sales Director 


Mary Sargent has over 18 years’ international experience in events across the maritime, property and healthcare sectors. A seasoned traveller both for work and pleasure, Mary enjoys spending time with her family, training her gun dog and participating in team sports.


“I’m proud to be part of a great team providing exciting and stimulating platforms, helping people to connect, share ideas and experiences”
Best Regards,

Mary Sargent


Doris Barsoum holds a Master in Education Science. She is trilingual (German, English, Arabic) and has 12 years of international business experience in Germany, Ireland, Egypt and the UK. In her previous position as a Business Development Manager Doris managed her family business in Cairo/Egypt, a book import and distribution company.

At Prestel and Partner, she is responsible for media partnerships and handles PA duties for both Managing Directors.





Quality, not quantity. Professional and focused, because details are important.

We deliver what we promise - designed for you, to work for you. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Professional and focused, we understand the importance of detail and devote ourselves exclusively to a small number of specialized events – quality, not quantity. 


Solutions for your challenges and needs: Professional, Discreet, Efficient.

Our conferences and events are individually designed to provide effective solutions. Whether attending, speaking, exhibiting or sponsoring - your needs and challenges come first. By bringing you together, we create unique access to a range of specialist contacts, knowledge and opportunities. Our no-nonsense approach puts the emphasis on clarity and certainty. You will know in advance exactly what you’re getting and how to achieve your aims.

  • “Very stimulating and encouraging!”–Viscount Chris Portman, Principal, Portman Estate

  • “On behalf of Dubai Economic Council, our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks - all responses have been enthusiastic about the content and the overall quality of the conference”...–Tarek Hijjiri, Dubai Economic Council